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Akan Datang

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Hi! If you are reading this, then welcome to this site. You are among the chosen one to get here. Fate has brought us together. *lol*
I always wanted to write. I have done blogs, review some stuff but one thing that I really want is and still happen not doing it until now is to create stories. I used to write stories during my high school time. That one moment when I decided to write one part of 'triangle love story' just for fun using 'kertas kajang' (yup, that paper you use to write answers for subjective exam paper) got viral among classes. From Part 1 it continued until Part 50. Then it spawned to several cerpen with science fiction theme. This time around I used the buku latihan sekolah. lol. Talking about misusing stuff!
From that time I know that I can give something to people. 
And that was years, years ago. With me leaving the school marked the time I left the writing world hoping that I can find other thing to do. Guess what? Here I am starting all over agai…